Erica Labous
Food Blogger

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"Reaching out to Alix Design with an idea I had for a blog was the best thing I could have done. Without Alix that idea would have stayed in my head because I didn’t quite know how (creatively or technically) to get it up and running. Working together was a dream, I was able to give her my ideas and she came back quickly with options for both my logo and website. Either working by exchanging emails, by phone or face-to-face
she was receptive to my needs and she made sure that what she turned over to me I understood and could manage on my own. Alix’s creativity, professionalism and ability to work and in both French and English made a daunting task easy and interesting. I look forward to working with Alix again in the future as I develop further my site and would recommend her to anyone." - June 2015