Artist Claire Fresson - Website and Invitations

Invitation for the exhibition of Claire Fresson

Claire Fresson is a great paintor (and I don't only say that because she is my  mother;).

I worked on several occasions with her :

  1. She needed a clean, easy website with focus on her art works and in order to give all the practical information to her visitors.
    We designed her website together and I taught her how to add new content when she wants.
    Have a look at her website :
  2. When Claire organises exhibitions, she entrusts me to design her posters and/or invitations cards
  3. 40 years ago, Claire created a children's book (story and illustrations) for my brother, sister and me. When I re-discovered this jewel not so long ago I thought it was a pity that it had never been published... So we decided to publish it... You can order it her!
  4. We also produced a catalogue of her work that can be seen and bought at that address.
Website of Claire Fresson
Catalogue of Claire Fresson, 2010, cover
Catalogue of Claire Fresson, 2010
Cover of the book La princesse muette
p.12 and 13 of La Princesse Muette, Claire Fresson